Evelina Brozgul Art Studio

Evelina Brozgul Art Studio is run by Evelina Brozgul, an artist with an extensive background in drawing and painting.
Evelina Brozgul works in oil, egg tempera, watercolor, acrylics and fresco and drawing medium. She has taught at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts as well as Tufts University for seven years where she also received her Masters of Fine Arts. Prior to her Masters, she has worked professionally as a paintings conservator in New York and Boston. Evelina Brozgul has exhibited and sold her paintings in numerous galleries in Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, New York, Florida and in Europe.  Her work hangs in private collections throughout US. She has a Baccalaureate in painting from The Cooper Union for The Advancement of Art and Sciences in New York, a Conservation of Paintings degree from Florence, Italy and a Masters degree from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA. In the year 2000, she has won the prestigious  Joan Mitchell Grant given to only 10 art graduate students in the country.
Evelina Brozgul has also been teaching painting privately for 20 years. She teaches all age groups from 4 years and up. As part of art college preparation for teenagers, some of Evelina’s private students have entered Cooper Union, Parsons, Pratt, Rhode Island School of Design, School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and The Chicago Art Institute. Other students have exhibited and sold their work in galleries. Even though some students have been studying with Evelina Brozgul for more than a few years the starting level is a beginner to advanced. The classes are designed to teach and to improve the technique of anyone willing to learn how to draw or paint. 


Students learn to paint from a still life set-up, portraiture, landscape and from copying the old masters for the purpose of learning the technique. Classical instruction with an emphasis on beautiful non-muddy color and accurate and truthful depiction of observed images. Classes are often held in a group, from two, three or with a maximum of five students per class. There is a possibility of a private lesson, but usually, students prefer a small group where they share knowledge and experience. Each student works at their own pace and level. Individual attention is always given to any level student. Neither an absolute beginner nor an experienced painter who would like a fresh new start or a new perspective should not be discouraged to join a group class.


The hourly rate is $25. Children’s lessons are usually one hour long. Teenagers and adults length of class varies according to medium. Drawing and watercolor lessons are two hours an oil/acrylic painting are 2-3 hours long. Easels are provided if painting inside the studio, but for plein air classes students are encouraged to bring in a French easel. Supplies will be explained on the first days of your lesson or sent out to you before your first class. We will try to schedule the lessons at your convenience but at least one lesson payment per week is a requirement. Students pay for four lessons going forward and payment is due again on the third lesson BEFORE the credit runs out.

HOLIDAYS: Please note that if your regular lesson falls on the following holidays, it is just like any other absence and you will receive a make-up : Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day (Thursday only) and the Fourth of July. These are the days that I am not teaching but if your class falls on those days, you will reschedule to another day/time. For any other holidays, please let me know if you will not be in class. You will have a make up for those days as well. 


The policy of one paid lesson a week stands. During a snow day either your lesson will be rescheduled to a later time that day or week and/or you will receive a make up at a later time. You have one school year  to complete your make ups. So if you need to stay home and enjoy the snow day please notify me that you will not be coming and we’ll reschedule you.


Summer schedule is different from the school year. Most lessons are held during the week so that your weekends are free! Your learning is continued into the summer and we often go to paint/draw outdoors. If you plan to take any part of the summer off, please let me know by middle of May. There will be notices going out. Also, in order to secure your spot for September when regular schedule resumes, students will be asked to pay a deposit of 4 lessons for September in mid May. This assures the current students that their spot will be available for them and not taken by new incoming students at the beginning of September.

Corona Virus Situation

During the 2020 Pandemic I am offering classes on Zoom or Skype. Please consult with me about time scheduling and when the appropriate class is for you. In the Summer of 2020 on non- rainy days classes are held at a safe distance outside in my back yard. If the weather does not permit us to be outdoors, we are back on Zoom or Skype. Note that during the online lessons you are learning very precise and useful techniques and these lessons are just as informative and beneficial for your development as an artist.

Also if you are out of town, then I urge you to try Zoom or Skype as this year’s pandemic has opened up many possibilities of long distance learning. I have adapted many wonderful drawing and even painting lessons to teach you invaluable skills.


For a studio visit, an introductory class and all other schedule and payment information please call/text @ 781-223-6704 or just email:  italiana22@comcast.net If you want quick placement, it is recommended you text and then call to speak over the phone rather than emailing.

Below are some samples of student work. There is more updated student work on the Evelina Brozgul public Facebook page. You will find a link on the contact page of this website.



  • John Holland Reply

    Hi Evelina,

    Just wanted to connect – attached is my website. What is your class schedule like over the next few weeks?


    • Evelina Brozgul

      Hi John,
      Just saw your message, sorry.
      Give me a call at 781-223-6704 and I can update you on my schedule.

  • Tabitha Gaston Reply

    I am interested my daughter is 13 years old and a budding artist.

    I would love her to work with you

    • Evelina Brozgul

      Hello Tabitha
      If you are interested please get in touch with me via the contacts page on this website

  • Colleen Ahearn Reply

    Hi! I just someone posted this on a home school webpage. I would be very interested in lessons for my daughter, Grace. She is 11 years old and is very interested in art. Are you offering anything currently with the Covid situation or will you be offering anything in the near future? Thank you so much!

  • Colleen Reply

    Hi! I am interested in having my daughter, Grace, work with you. Are you offering anything at this time? Thank you!

  • Evelina Brozgul Reply

    Dear Colleen, I’m sorry to have missed your message. Yes I’m offering classes via Skype now and as of June 26th I’m doing the summer session with lessons on the lawn outside. Rainy days – on Skype. Please take a look at my facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/EvelinaBrozgul/
    There you will see more work that you can also show your daughter from other students in the studio.
    Then, the best thing would be to call me directly, 781-223-6704 and I will give you more information on registration.
    Thank you for your interest,
    Evelina Brozgul

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